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Best Estate Sales Company in US, Berenice Denton Estate Sales and Appraisals

Please leave a comment about your experience with us.  We may share your comment on the website.

Very pleased from beginning to end!

5 5 1
What a wonderful experience having Berenice and her staff run my estate sale. I was very, very pleased from beginning to end!

Professionalism and hard work

5 5 1
I would like to thank Ms. Denton and her associates, particularly Mike, Pam, and Cynthia for their professionalism and hard work on our family’s recent estate sale. They combined excellent salesmanship with concern for our family during the sale. I would recommend anyone looking for an agency to conduct their estate sale to contact Berenice Denton and Associates. William Milton

Very impressed with Berenice

5 5 1
I was very impressed with Berenice and her professional handling of my large estate sale. Berenice and her staff are knowledgeable, friendly, and very hard working. Her advertising brought more people to my sale than I could have ever imagined! I feel fortunate to have secured her services and highly recommend her to anyone needing help with an estate sale.
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  1. William Milton says:

    I would like to thank Ms. Denton and her associates, particularly Mike, Pam, and Cynthia for their professionalism and hard work on our family’s recent estate sale. They combined excellent salesmanship with concern for our family during the sale. I would recommend anyone looking for an agency to conduct their estate sale to contact Berenice Denton and Associates. William Milton

  2. James Ward says:

    Berenice and team just helped me for the second time. This last time, she stepped up when one of my family members picked another group for the estate sale. Her choice, not mine. At the last minute the other group was no where to be found…

    When I contacted Berenice, she treated me like family and was all in. With a short turnaround time, they worked quickly to prepare. The estate sale was a great success. Pricing, customer service, and attention to detail was all handled extremely well.

    For me Berenice Denton is the only choice! I would recommend Berenice Denton and her staff to all!!!

  3. Libby says:

    I was very impressed with Berenice and her professional handling of my large estate sale. Berenice and her staff are knowledgeable, friendly, and very hard working. Her advertising brought more people to my sale than I could have ever imagined! I feel fortunate to have secured her services and highly recommend her to anyone needing help with an estate sale.

  4. william gleason says:

    Thank, Berenice, Ann, Billy, and Mary, and the rest of the Denton reps:
    I can’t thank you enough for your help last weekend and prior, as you all set up our almost empty home, and made it presentable for an estate sale. I especially thank Ann for being there on site for 4 days in a row. Everyone at our home and at The Cottage were helpful, friendly, knowledgeable; in all our meetings, transactions, presentations; and during the 2D Estate Sale while welcoming, watching, assisting, and urging all those who walked thru. We could not have done this successfully without all Berenice Denton Estate Sales. Thank you !!!

  5. Helen Gleason says:

    We would like to recommend Berenice Denton and her hearty crew. Like Pam McKellar, we also sold our home in 24 hours. We had exactly one month to purge, sell, or pack a lifetime of 31 years in our Nashville home. Berenice’s team responded quickly and came out to take photos. Two days prior to our sale, the staff organized sale items and displayed them with expertise. On the two sale days, we were not only pleased with the number of potential buyers but the volume of sales. Most of all, it was the professional and extremely pleasant manner of Berenice’s staff that left us with such a great impression. They made it easy and they made it fun. We can recommend Berenice Denton Estate Sales to you, with gusto!

  6. Pam McKellar says:

    This past summer we put our house on the market in order to downsize. Fortunately
    (or unfortunately) it sold in 24 hours. There was no way I could do the purging, selling, and packing by myself so I went online and found Berenice Denton Estate Sales. She and her staff came in and organized, priced and had a super successful sale for me. I can’t say enough about Berenice and her people. They made what could have been a nightmare for me into something that was easy …. and fun!! Highly recommend her and her company! Thanks to all!

  7. Carol Rapp says:

    The area we were leaving to move out of town did not allow estate sales. Upon finding Berenice Denton, my problem was solved. She arranged to have my furniture sold at various venues and her shop. Berenice and her staff are so pleasant and professional that it is such a pleasure to work with them. Also, they never give up on selling one’s furniture and accessories. It has been a great experience dealing with Berenice Denton and her staff.

  8. Betty Hines says:

    I can honestly not say enough good things about the recent estate sale that Berenice Denton conducted for my family. What a super lady and with such a noticeable passion! She and her staff were all extremely professional, energetic, personally attentive and highly focused on making it the best experience possible. When parting with family treasures, times can feel overwhelmingly emotional, but Berenice and her team were encouraging, supportive, up-lifting, and amazingly fun. The total efficiency of the sale was incredibly on-target and without question spelled-out years of experience.

    Thank you Berenice. You are a dear lady!

    Betty Hines

  9. Rich Henderson says:

    Berenice and her entire staff are to be commended on the incredible job they did in helping my wife and I with our downsizing. We were faced with the task of moving from a 10,000 sq ft house to one a third of the size so there was a lot of work to be done. They did everything needed to prepare us for a five day estate sale. Berenice was a great advisor in what we should keep and what we would not later be sorry we had parted with. I cannot say enough good things about the professional and very hard working crew that came into our home for a week and were a pleasure to be around. The sale was more successful than we could have hoped for and the follow up afterwards has been exceptional. The sale helped us to part with antiques, oriental rugs, draperies, chandeliers, dining room and living room furniture, pool and patio furniture as well all of the misc items we had collected for years and no longer needed. We were very pleased with the prices she received and six months later have no regrets about the items we parted with. I can honestly say I would highly endorse them and would not hesitate to engage them again if we find ourselves in need of the services they offer. A true pleasure to deal with such professional people who we entrusted with all of our belongings and the keys to our home.

  10. Lynn Bingham says:

    I wanted to write this review to let everyone know how pleased I am with Berenice Denton and her team. My parents had an art gallery in Lebanon, TN. When they retired and sold the building we moved over 5,000 oils, prints, framed pictures, mirrors, framing equipment, and framing sticks, etc… to another building. Berenice was able to come in and take on this overwhelming project of selling the art, and she way exceeded our expectations. Berenice and her team called all the art galleries in TN and KY to come restock their supplies, had a wonderful turnout of individual customers, and had a large restaurant chain, that has an in house buyer who purchases items to decorate, come in and bought a huge amount in bulk. I was so excited about this and the wonderful job that Berenice did that I want others to know they will have the same professional and profitable experience that I did.
    Thank you, Lynn Bingham

  11. Anne saint says:

    What a wonderful experience having Berenice and her staff run my estate sale. I was very, very pleased from beginning to end!

  12. Richard Landis says:

    While out in Arizona, for a 3 month trip, my house sold. I did the closing from out of town, and rented my house back, giving me a short window to pack, and store everything. I Googled “Estate Sales” and discovered Berenice’s company. I never spoke with Berenice until my return, and had to make a decision quickly. It was the best decision I could have made. Berenice’s people skills are second to none. She guided me through the process painlessly, and when I had a different idea for some items, she was receptive, and enthusiastic. Her staff was great. They spent several days “staging” the house for the sale, priced everything, and everything went off without a hitch. I wound up netting more than I expected, financially. I’d suggest Berenice’s team to anyone in need of an Estate Sale.

  13. Cathy Hoff says:

    Berenice and her entire team were extremely professional, honest, polite, helpful, accommodating, and all were fabulous salespeople!!! We were amazed with the results of our sale, and we highly recommend this team to anyone contemplating an estate sale of any size.

  14. Lisa Albert says:

    Bernice and her team are honest, impressively patient, dedicated and smart. The company has an amazing following and connections with appraisers, designers, decorators, etc. They balanced the family dynamics and did an amazing job making a very difficult time actually fun! My mother’s estate sale was a success!

  15. Lisa Baker says:

    Our sale under Bernice Denton’s charm and tutorage was a huge success! In looking at our upcoming retirement and a 1,259.4 mile cross country move, my husband and I looked at all that we had acquired over the years and decided to free ourselves from the burden of so many things. We had few questions about what to do, but faced the looming decision of how to accomplish the task. Bernice and her staff met us with personal attention, experience and perseverance at every twist and turn. We continue to be grateful for the professional expertise and stick-to-it-ness of her team in following through on Bernice’s promises…as well as the good memories, even friends, and that came from a major endeavor.

    Lisa B. Baker

  16. Michael Miller says:

    Berenice and her team recently helped me in settling an estate in Nashville, TN with me living in Texas. She and her team took complete control of all aspects of the estate sale from categorizing, labeling, sorting, selling to cleaning up the unsold items and getting them to local charities. I could not have asked for a better person to work with.

    My thanks to Berenice and all her associates for a job WELL DONE!

    Michael Miller

  17. Pam Mayberry says:

    I want to be included as one of those who have experienced the caring, professional services that Berenice brings to her sales. My mom lived in Columbia, Tennessee , and was an antique collector most of her life. It was overwhelming to consider how much we had to disperse after mom passed and Berenice was recommended by my nephew. Knowing so many families that break into lifelong arguments over estates and property , it was priority to find the best option that would be agreed by all family involved how to handle the final dispersal of mom’s things. Berenice was patient, answered each of our questions, gave us the information we needed and most importantly- gave us time as a family to come together in agreement for the sale.

    It was the best decision we could possibly have made. The turnout was amazing and we sold almost to the walls. We decided to be there during the sale and it helped us to bring closure as we saw old and new friends come thru and buy. I honestly don’t think anyone left without buying something . Knowing this is our personal testimony and no one can guarantee results in a sale- I will close in saying to get the best advise and the best results, then hire the best professional you can find with the experience, and I believe that to be Berenice Denton for any estate sale, large or small.

    Thank you Berenice & your staff, hugs to Tom & Todd for their help –
    Pam Mayberry

  18. Teresa says:

    Berenice and her team did an outstanding job at our recent estate sale. The sale’s success was beyond our expectation and we are so thankful. We heard from several who attended the sale that the items were well organized and very clean. One gentlemen who purchased several items said that if the items had been dirty and dusty he would not have purchased a single thing. I know the set up was a huge job and the team worked very hard to arrange and price the items. I want to send a special kudos to Ann for her talent of organization and display; it made such a difference. The estate sale team worked hard to negotiate a good price for the items while making sure that the items were moving out the door. They were very respectful of the sentimental value of the items and worked so hard to make a positive impression on all that attended the event. I cannot recommend them higher if someone is needing assistance in selling some items. They were knowledgeable, professional and diligent in making the sale a success. Thank you so very much!

  19. David Holder says:

    When my mother passed away I had no idea what I would do with all she left in her home. Through a friend I learned of Berenice Denton and her reputation as the premiere company for estate sales. During our first meeting I learned why Berenice is is considered by many to be the “best” in estate sales. Her caring, compassion and knowledge were evident in all that she did. From our first meeting my fiancé Rose and I knew that Berenice would be handling the estate sale. This first meeting was the beginning of a new friendship as well as a business relationship. Berenice took pictures during our first meeting and had them posted within a few days, well ahead of the scheduled sale dates.

    There are many reasons I decided to have Berenice do the sale. The first and foremost was her obvious expertise she exhibited during our first meeting. Her knowledge and honesty concerning what things would sell for was greatly appreciated and gave me a picture of what to expect from the sale both monetarily and how the sale would be conducted.

    Many people may be concerned about the percentage her company requires to do the sale. This was also a concern for me. After meeting Berenice I looked past the commission and saw what Bernice’s company brought to the table. There is no substitute for experience and with over 40 years in the estate sale business Bernice and her team are the very best. Behind that 40+ years of experience is a huge following of people that attend her sales. Berenice and her team are experts at current market conditions and know how to price every item to maximize its sale potential. After looking at these factors I realized Berenice’s company had the potential to bring in many more customers, price items correctly and do a better job than her competition.

    The sale was huge success!!!! The volume of items sold was beyond my wildest imagination. People bought things I never dreamed would even sell. The total sales dollars was much more than expected as well. Berenice’s staff performed flawlessly like a well oiled machine. Berenice personally attended the sale as needed to ensure proper pricing and a smooth process. My reasons for choosing her company proved to be valid.

    During the time building up to the sale and during the sale Rose and I developed a solid business relationship and a growing friendship with Bernice. This resulted in Berenice asking both of us to assist her company with a sale in Germantown TN since we live in the Memphis area. We had a great time doing this sale with her team. I hope my experience with Berenice and her team will help others in choosing a company for an estate sale. For me Bernice Denton is the only choice!

  20. Christina Kingsbury says:

    Dear Mrs. Denton:

    I’m writing to let you know that upon frequenting several of your estate sales within the past few years and spending upwards of $4,000.00, I am compelled to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for one of your employees. Although everyone on your staff was exceptional to deal with and extremely friendly, Simone Marshall went above and beyond what I would expect by making my transactions as smooth and as pleasant as could be. She was not only professional, but kind to me and other customers each and every time I encountered her no matter how busy she was (and she was very busy at times as you can imagine).

    Your sales are always so much fun and very exciting! In addition, I feel like I am not only hunting for my special bargains, but that you are sincerely involved in the lives of those who have entrusted you to get a fair price for their possessions in what is often an uncomfortable or difficult time in his/her life. I get the impression that you and your staff truly care about and want the best for both your clients and your customers.

    If I ever need to have an estate sale or know someone who does, I will strongly recommend your company and hope to continue to see Ms. Marshall among your valued employees for years to come as I continue to support my hobby of treasure hunting and filling my home with one-of-a-kind pieces. Thank you so very much for all that you do and running such a wonderful business!

    Please pass along my comments to Ms. Marshall at your convenience because I do not have her address and just want to let her know how thankful I am for her assistance and what a pleasure it has been doing business with her at your estate sales.

    Christina Kingsbury

  21. Terri Muszynski says:

    My husband and I love all your wonderful Estate Sales. We have been enjoying this on a regular basis and have had the pleasure of dealing with your wonderful salesperson, Simone. She is professional and helpful to us when we have made purchases and we always look forward to our experiences with your company and Simone. Thank you Berenice Denton for all you do for the many people looking to sell and for all of us looking for beautiful items that are reasonably priced!!

    We are presently preparing our list of homes to visit and as always look forward to dealing with your great company! See you at the Estate Sales!!! Terri & Stanley

  22. Tony says:

    Berenice handled estate sales after the passing of both of my parents, and I can’t say enough what a thoroughly professional and responsive businessperson she is. Berenice and her team define what an estate sale organization should be.

    The depth of experience among Berenice and her exceptional staff led to a stress-free and successful sale in both estates. Ann Bolan is a simply fantastic person to work with, and the other members of Berenice’s staff are consummate professionals as well.

    Based on my experience with both sales, I can simply say: Well done!

  23. Denise Henry says:

    Dear Berenice,
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for assisting us with our estate sale last week. You made an emotional and exhausting task joyful, efficient and profitable. We actually had fun and smiled throughout the process! Words are not adequate to say how much I appreciate the team with which we were surrounded. From Ann, Patsy and Dale to Mel and Rachel, Billy, Eugene and Alan, all were highly professional and oh so competent. We are forever grateful! There is no doubt in my mind the Lord himself placed us in our lives for such a time as this!

  24. Mary Corrine Hunt says:

    I want to thank you for the estate sale at my home, 4424 Brush Hill Rd. Cynthia, Pam, and Mike went the extra mile in helping me. You have a great and kind team. Thank You again. God Bless. P.S. Billy Too!

  25. Debba Andree says:

    I have written a few recommendations in my time but this one for Berenice Denton Estate Sales I want to be, without reservation, the most positive I can get on paper. She went far beyond handling the business knowledgeably and professionally. I can say I felt cared for. My 96-year-old mother had recently passed and Berenice and her team were handling a lifetime of heirlooms and precious possessions that we three kids simply had no way to accommodate. And they were handling us – with all the memories and attachments to everything we were selling.

    The initial interview with Berenice was a welcome surprise. She is kind and gracious and in no way pushy. I don’t know what I was expecting but not the lovely lady who drove far out of Nashville just to chat. My brother and I knew she was the one for our sale. What a relief!

    Berenice and her crew came to Mom’s house a few days before the sale and were quick and efficient with unpacking and pricing. They set up many tables (with cloths) and made lovely displays which they constantly rearranged (thank you, Ann), as things sold, to best display the items. Literally, they never stopped. I was nervous and sad and stressed going in but it didn’t last long. Her people were fun. I relaxed…well, mostly.

    It was clear from the results of the sale that her contacts and marketing reach from her years in the business showed in the traffic during the sale. So many people. And through it all they kept records and price of everything they sold. And I got a copy. She had enough people on the job that I was not concerned about security.

    From setting the date for the sale to receiving our lovely (a very pleasant surprise) check, I felt lucky to have had such a successful and positive experience. Thank you Berenice, Ann, Mel, Tom, Billy, Allen and Julie.
    Debba Andree, Boston

  26. Priscilla Stevens says:

    The Berenice Denton Estate Sales business has a long and excellent track record. An important reason for her success is that she has a talent for attracting good people for her team. Our estate sale was conducted by Mel, Sara, and Dale. They were a delight to work with, coming in and quickly and efficiently organizing and setting up for the sale despite the rather chaotic dis-organization they found. They were expert at evaluating and pricing. They kept in contact with us if anything needed clarification. We could not have imagined a sale that would go so smoothly. We appreciate the hard work, expertise and kindness of Mel, Sara and Dale, plus the strong experience and knowledgeable business skills of Berenice Denton in a sector that must be constantly changing.

  27. Susan McLean says:

    Berenice Denton and her team of professionals are awesome at what they do, and NICE! My parents lived in their house for 30+ years and it took over 6 months of hard work to get it to a point to have an estate sale. I was so happy (and relieved!) to turn it over to Ms. Denton and her team. Everyone I dealt was with so kind, helpful and professional. I met Ann, who had everything organized in no time, she was absolutely amazing. Mel was in charge of our sale, and handled everything beautifully and kept me constantly up to date. I also spoke with Mary, Laura and Rachel at some time over the phone or by email. They are very trustworthy. Specifically, one item got left with the sale items by accident. I called to tell them about the item that needed to be rescued, and when I went by the house prior to the sale, they had the item located and it was ready for me to take with me. There are no words for how grateful I am to Ms. Denton and her team for taking care of this overwhelming task. I was absolutely amazed at how much sold. Ms. Denton knows her stuff!!

  28. Janice Haraf says:

    These charming, Southern ladies are very clever at rehoming items you no longer need. While we enjoyed vacationing in Denver, all things large and small were sold. Armoires, couches, sports equipment, tools, light bulbs, garden benches all left! Berenice’s reputation and on-line estate sale site positively benefitted us. We recommend Berenice Denton Estate Sales to all. Dr. Frank & Janice Haraf

  29. Toni Neeley says:

    I wasn’t sure if Berenice Denten’s business would have any interest in selling my Mom’s house full of things. Nothing really nice or fancy, but oh so much stuff. They agreed to do it with no hesitation and were prompt in responding to all of my questions. Her staff who organized and worked the sale did a wonderful job and were really good with the customers though it all seemed so overwhelming to me. I was very pleased with the results which greatly exceeded my expectations. Thanks to all of you!

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