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Estate Sale Services

Estate Sales Companies and Services in Nashville by Berenice Denton

Holding an estate sale involves a tremendous amount of preparation from planning, inventory, promotion, and staging down to the actual sale execution. At Berenice Denton Estate Sales and Appraisals, we offer a hassle-free experience as we handle all the phases of the estate sale and provide full reporting from the initial consultation to the post-sale follow up.

Our Mission

Our goal is simple: we provide clients a seamless experience from start to finish. This goal begins with our company’s objective to consistently strive for excellence and provide exceptional results. Our reputation depends on your satisfaction!

Why Berenice Denton Estate Sales

What makes us a standout among the rest? We’ve been in the estate sale business for over 40 years and have seen just about every possible situation.  There is a good reason that The Tennessean donned Berenice Denton the “Estate Sale Queen”!

How Our Estate Sales Services Work

Once you hire us to hold an Estate Sale, your job is to simple!  Just tag the items you wish to put in the estate sale and leave the rest to us!estate sale services

Here’s a glimpse of how our professional team works with our clients:

●      We offer a complimentary consultation in the wide area of Tennessee.

●   We promote your estate sale through our large and growing email list, display and promote the sale our websites, issue community-specific classified ads and post to a host of social media platforms that broadcast the upcoming sale.

●   With Berenice Denton’s experience and expertise, your antiques and your prized possessions will be appraised and priced accordingly.  Our goal is for you to have a profitable sale and for your visitors to find their treasures!

●      We make sure that all the items included in the estate sale are cleaned, organized and staged beautifully. We pride ourselves in making your items look great!

●      During the actual sale, our team of friendly, responsible and accommodating staff provides customers a great shopping experience.

●      We will never leave you hanging! We’ll be your partners to the end, and we can even provide post-sale and after sale cleanup services.

●      We’ll provide you a comprehensive inventory and a transparent accounting report on your estate sale.

Whether you’re downsizing or want to sell some of your collectibles, antiques and household items, Berenice Denton Estate Sales and Appraisals can help you. Call 615-662-6759 for a complimentary consultation.

Berenice Denton Estate Sales and Appraisals is the best choice to maximize the financial value the items in your estate. An Estate Sale is the most direct way to sell personal property to the general public. We have the knowledge and experience to maximize the values of your sale.  We’ve seen it all from hand grenades to priceless treasures to trash and junk.  We know we can help you!

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