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Berenice’s Book
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Estate Sales Book, Pass it On – Wild Tales and Estate Sales of Berenice Denton

Berenice-DentonA fascinating account of the life and times of Berenice Denton, Estate Sales Queen and adventurer extraordinaire.

Berenice Denton, donned the Queen of Estate Sales, has written a book along with Jadyn M. Stevens. Pass It On is a recount of stories from her everyday life as well as from the estate sale world where she has conducted estate sales for celebrities such as Waylon Jennings, Barbara Mandrell and Trisha Yearwood. It is available for purchase at several fine retailers. (see below)

“Traveling across Europe, the young Vanderbilt graduate had the world before her. In shop windows and museums, fine antiques and elegant artwork attracted Berenice’s gaze. A passion for history and beauty was kindled. This is one Christian woman’s dream to become an entrepreneur in the world of antiques. Her stories of adventure, joy and mayhem have been told and retold at dinner tables for years. Her zealous work ethic, upside down approach and mischievous pranks have all ended up in her latest creation…Pass It On.”

Excerpts From “Pass It On- Wild Tales and Estate Sales”

From Chapter 17:

“ Early one Saturday morning, I opened my home for my own sale. My first customer arrived at 7:00 sharp, asking if I had a king size mattress for sale. I thought for a moment, thinking of Jimmy asleep in our bed. It was king sized, and really, we weren’t fond of it.”… “I led the man back to our bedroom where Jimmy was still asleep. The man stopped short of entering upon seeing the mattress covered in linens and a rather large lump in the middle of it (Jimmy). ‘Jimmy, Jimmy wake up. This man is here to buy our mattress.’ Jimmy is long suffering and so very patient with me. He vacated the bedroom and I went to work. I said, ‘Here take a look , it’s for sale and it’s still warm!’ The man bought the mattress and box springs on the spot, and my very patient husband helped him carry it out and load it up. Thank goodness Jimmy has a sense of humor.”

From Chapter 14:

“ During the sale , many guests, my staff and I gathered in the large kitchen, conversing and milling about, when a customer, with her two children opened the door of an old freezer that stood in the corner of the kitchen. My faithful staff backed away, mouths agape, faces pale the door swung open. The inquisitive woman stood there, pressing her face into the freezer while her children screamed. The woman shrieked, and Ed jumped forward slamming the door shut. No one said a word, or moved. I crept forward and slowly eased the freezer door open. “

Find out what was in the freezer and read more intriguing stories of Berenice Denton in Pass it On Wild Tales and Estate Sales of Berenice Denton.

Read “Pass It On” Reviews and purchase online at Amazon.com

“Pass It On” is available for $19.95 (including tax) at:

The Cottage  | 6309 Charlotte Ave  | Nashville, TN 37209

Belle Meade Mansion  |  5025 Harding Pike  |  Nashville, TN 37205

Logos Bookstore |  4012 Hillsboro Rd  | Nashville, TN 37215

The Booksellers at Laurelwood  | 387 Perkins Ext.  | Memphis, TN 38117


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